Thursday, September 20, 2007

Short and Sweet

Yes, there are dishes in my sink.....we ate today

Yes, there are clothes that need putting away...we have nice clothes to put on our bodies.

Yes, there are books on the floor beside the sofa...I can read too my kids and one day they can read to me!

Yes, my bed is unmade-but I have one.

Yes, toys may be kids laughed as they played with them.

Yes, the house is not perfect but we have a roof over our heads, a warm bed and warm clothes, we have beautiful children who are healthy and happy.

We are blessed.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I love Hathor the Cow Goddess. Her last strip was on "Nursing Rooms". It was great. These rooms can be both a blessing and a curse. Some are better than others. The one in the mall near me is a tiny dark room with a change table and a vinyl bench to sit on. Anyone that has ever nursed would know that a bench in not concussive to breastfeeding and therefore i wonder why this room is there. Is it for the convenience and enjoyment of a nursing mom or a way to keep her out of sight. I hope it is the former.

Now I appreciate a good mothers room. One that I use on occasion is more like a rest stop in the mall. It has toys for the older kids, a TV with kids shows, two big bathrooms with miniature toilets for the kiddo. There are comfy seats for the nursing moms, and a microwave to heat up foods. It is welcoming and does not feel like a jail cell like the room I mentioned earlier.

Where a woman nurses is her choice though whether a nursing room is provided or not. If a woman wants to nurse in public not only is it her prerogative but she is protected by law in Canada. So just because there is a nursing room available doesnt mean that I will use it.
They can feel very isolating and mean separation from whom ever you are out with.

In my experience nursing shows less skin than the cover of a Maxim magazine. There is nothing indecent about feeding a baby. I would like to society embracing nursing for what is, the natural way that we as mothers feed our children.