Thursday, April 3, 2008

So it happened. I got the question. "Are you still nursing her?" First inside I was jumping with joy-I have struggled so much and have made it to the point where somebody thought I was weird for nursing her to 8 1/2 months. Second I was stunned. Is this what kind of society that we live in? What do comments like this mean. I did not ask her why she asked, because I did not have time for a discussion, but obviously she thought Sage did not need to nurse anymore. Odd, she is eight months she still needs nutrition and if she was not getting it from the breast she would be getting it from an artificial nipple. Which in fact she does have to to meet her nutritional need. But even as a mother who HAS to use formula I know it is not the best choice. Breast milk is best. So why is it ok to criticize a mom for nursing *too long* but unacceptable to criticize for a mom quiting to providing breast milk for her child?

I would even be criticized for using "quit providing breast milk" rather than "choosing to bottle feed." But when a mom stops breastfeeding before the baby is ready that is what she is doing. Quiting. Babies do not wean at six weeks , mothers quit. It is proven than breast milk is superior. It is recommended that babies be exclusively breastfeed for six moths and then to continue in to the second year of their life. At least. So why do many moms choose to not breast feed. Some becasue they want their freedom, and they want their body back. For some it is a challenge and they are not wanting to persevere. it is too hard. They tried. It did not work. I do not personally buy this at face value. I know what some women consider trying. Few women are unable to exclusively breastfeed, even fewer are unable to at least offer some breast milk. It is not always easy, but not everything good is easy.

So am I still nursing my daughter. Yep, and I do not see myself stopping anytime soon.


Mommy said...

You go girl- don't let the comments keep you down.
I rarely get comments because I think it doesn't even enter people's minds that I would still be nursing a big 3 year old.

Anonymous said...

well then I am really weird :-)!
My 4 y.o. is still nursing and it's a beautiful thing.
Keep it up mama, your doing the best thing for your child!

Anonymous said...

HUGS! I got a "still" comment when my DD was 8 mons as well. After I said yes, of course, the next question was "Doesnt she have teeth?" *sigh* Ppl have no clue. And Ur absolutely right, whether ppl like it or not, about the quitting.

Anonymous said...

Good job! Nursing is so important, for your baby's health and for yours! Not to mention all the kiddos around your babe...who won't get sick because your sweet nursling has the awesome immunities!

Anonymous said...

That's great! I got "still nursing??" from about 3 months, ugh. We nursed until 14 months when she weaned, and I really wish she was still nursing.

You just keep doing what you're doing - you know what's best for baby (and for you!)

Anonymous said...

my son is 10 months, and he's *still* nursing
For people who make those comments, you should just tell them that WHO recommends breastfeeding for a full 2 years.

RiAnnon said...

I am a *sicko*. My baby is about to turn 3....years! We are still going strong!! Hope to for awhile yet :-)

Leigh said...

WTG! I got some "still" comments when my youngest was little. Now she is 28 months old and I got a, "I wish my little one still nursed" yesterday. :)

Keep up the good work, Mama!